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We are a versatile, modern machining company. We are known for good service, high-quality work and reliable delivery times.

We are looking for more motivated professionals in the metal industry to join our ranks. We offer you a modern and comfortable workplace. Daily cleanliness and order is a natural thing at Refimex. A pleasant and modern work environment guarantees the comfort of the employees, which is crowned by the soft baths of our sauna after the work shift.

Additional medical expenses insurance complements our extensive occupational health services. We encourage movement during business trips and in your free time, so we offer the opportunity for example to get an employee bike.

Sabina has worked at Refimex for several years. She works in the warehouse, which includes sending and receiving goods and taking care of production needs.


“I saw an advertisement in the newspaper and decided to apply, because I had previous experience in similar warehouse tasks.”

Sabina praises Refimex as a good place to work.

“There’s enough humor, it’s an important asset in everyday chores,” says Sabina and praises her coworkers.

“The work is done seriously, but cheerfully.”

In her free time, Sabina spends time with horses. She has her own warmblood horse and taking care of it takes time.

“Refimex offers flexibility in working hours, if the tasks and work situation allow it.”


“At Refimex, I started with a machining center, after that I first moved to a smaller lathe and then to a bigger one,” says Jyrki and adds that he sometimes also works with other machines.

Jyrki is very satisfied with the machines and working conditions.

“Refimex’s machine base is updated over time. In addition, the working environment is taken care of. For example, the carefully thought-out air vents keep the air quality good, and safety has developed to a really good level in the new machines.”

An experienced expert feels that employees are listened to.

“We have initiatives and we are listened to. If training is needed, it will be arranged.”

So what does Jyrki think is the best thing about Refimex?

“Definitely colleagues and flexibility. We help a friend and do things in such a way that it is easy for the other person to take their turn and continue. With a couple of coworkers who have been at Refimex for a longer time, we reflected that apparently it has been easy to join our team. The new guys are immediately included in the group, no one is left alone and things are done together.”

Jyrki is a long-time worker of Refimex and came to the house already in 1990. During his long working career, the man has seen many things, but the strength of the Refimex spirit has kept the iron expert at Refimex.

Greg is from Poland and came to the house around 2022. An expert who enjoys cars, computer modeling and skateboarding – perfectly sums up the spirit of Refimex.


“This is the best job I’ve ever had!” A happy professional says and opens up the idea in more detail.

“Here, employees and expertise are trusted. We receive a task that we take care of it safely and efficiently. It’s an honor to be worthy of trust, supervisors have time to focus on what’s important.”

Greg praises the Refimex culture. The maintenance works and the machine fleet keeps track of its time. A clean work environment guarantees comfort and the smooth running of work. The flexibility of working hours and activities is praised.

“Work clothes and shoes are top notch. Safety is not compromised, so for example protective glasses, hearing protection and similar accessories can be obtained quickly if needed. The safety culture is at a good level, there is also trust in the operators, and measures are not just dictated.”

In the future, Greg wants to learn more about programming.

“It adds value to my work and I can do my work in a more versatile way. We have been given some training and I think I will get more of it in the future.”

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