Refimex Machinery Oy

An industrial service company providing comprehensive machining services since 1988

Refimex Machinery Oy is a service-oriented, Finnish, independent machiner in the metal industry. We are strongly committed to the continuous development of quality and operations. Valuing employees and continuously improving operations are key. The owners of Refimex work for the company.

Our customers are top professionals in their fields and the components supplied by Refimex are used all over the world. We offer solid added value from design and materials management to delivery-ready subassemblies.

Refimex is more than a modern machine workshop.

Sustainable development

We recognize that sustainable development and related measures are part of our day-to-day operations.

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The most important measure of quality operations is customer satisfaction.

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Do you want to be one of our esteemed experts?

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Our customers

Our customers are leading international players in their business. We develop our production methods together with the customer. Extremely careful design of the final product requires state-of-the-art production and machining methods to achieve the best result.

We are trusted by, among others: