We manufacture parts and subassemblies needed by customers in accordance with their quality requirements.

We offer precise CNC machining as a subcontractor

We use the GibbsCAM software, with which we can also do CAM programming of challenging surfaces and shapes that require machining precision. Our competent and helpful staff ensures the best end result and cost efficiency. Our operations include individual pieces and prototypes, small batch production and mass production.

We deliver the finished products uncompromisingly on schedule.

Productivity with 5-axis simultaneous machining

Parts with complex geometry can be machined with a 5-axis CNC machining center. We flexibly machine prototypes and even small production orders for customers in several industries:

  • aviation and shipping industry

  • vehicle and machine industry

  • industrial automation and robotics

  • medical devices

  • oil and gas industry

  • land construction

  • renewable energy applications

5-axis simultaneous machining center is able to process parts up to 800 mm.